The Science



A superior delivery method

Developed by Firma Skin scientists, AirNutrients™ is the micro-infusion of proprietary activated serums and essences onto skin. To fully harness the capability of this superior delivery method, Firma Skin created Bird’s Nest Micro-Essence and AteloCollagen by extracting a high concentration of active bio- compounds from the purest sources with its exclusive extraction technology. With the AirNutrients™ technology, the skin benefits much more from treatment products than traditional hand application and massage, as active ingredients can fully penetrate and be completely absorbed by skin.

All Firma Skin in-studio treatments include AirNutrients™, at absolutely no extra charge, so that your skin remains glowing day after day.


Hydration & anti-ageing

AteloCollagen as a soluble form of collagen works as a hydrating agent by holding in moisture, making it valuable for its anti-aging abilities. It also has capabilities of softening and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. AteloCollagen is an effective delivery agent for proteins and other nutrients, and being biodegradable, is used in a variety of fields such as medicine and in medical devices. The AteloCollagen used in Firma Skin products comes from pure marine sources, and is activated through the AirNutrients™ technology in every in-studio treatment. After treatment, skin feels and looks firmer, more lifted and contoured immediately.

Bird’s Nest

Cell regeneration & skin repair

Edible bird’s nest, a highly coveted delicacy and health food in Chinese communities, has been traditionally used as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat diseases, promote overall immunity and as a beauty supplement to maintain youthfulness and enhance the complexion.

With advanced technology, edible bird’s nest extracts are now used as chief ingredients in many products that are used for medicinal purposes. Scientific evidence has shown that its efficacy as an anti-ageing agent is attributed to its unique properties that promote cell regeneration aiding in skin repair. With its exclusive extraction technology, Firma Skin freshly extracts a high concentration of active ingredients for the Bird’s Nest Micro-Essence used in all its in-studio treatments, delivering immediate visible results of brighter, glowing skin.

Snail Extract

Improves skin elasticity

The miraculous results of using snail secretion filtrate have shown significant improvement in skin elasticity and regeneration, making it the darling in skin care products. The results are smooth and hydrated skin that maintains its youthful looking condition. The benefits of this new miracle ingredient can be found in Firma Skin Vitamin B5 Serum.

Snail secretion filtrate contains natural acids and elastin, substances which promote healing, protect the skin from damage and also improve its appearance. The extract is valued for its ability to have healing effects from acne scarring and pigmentation. Application of skin products with this extract has shown significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. A 2013 study reported significant improvement in skin elasticity besides improving dryness and roughness of skin of its participants.